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A series of haikus relating my existential breakdown to the demise of the American suburb.


Creative writing, Mills College

March 28th, 2013

Missions, San Francisco
Cogdon Street near Glenn Park Station:

A group of friends who love each other enough to start playing Dungeons and Dragons at one in the morning. They are still going about their weekly plans to play. Couch surfing is definitely an experience.

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If someone says your skin is nice and soft, don’t be coy. Say ya bitch I know! I moisturize harder than I work

Here’s the problem: Soccer is enjoyed by people who inhabit the United States, but because many of those people may be first or second generation immigrants, and in many cases many not speak English or have English as a primary language, it’s not culturally relevant to include in debates about the popularity of sport. Close to 5 million people in the US watched the Liga MX (Mexican soccer league) final between Leon and Pachuca, a number that compares favorably with the ratings for MLB playoff games, but it’s irrelevant because either it was watched in Spanish or watched by Spanish-speakers, I’m not sure which.
So if a person on US soil watches a game in Spanish, are they a foreigner? Are they tuning in to a sport broadcast in a foreign language and that’s what makes it foreign? This narrative of a “big four” underscores a troubling assumption. A sport is only truly “popular” in the United States if English-speaking, native born people follow it. When they do, then we can call it an “American sport.” I’d argue that there is a deep cultural marginalization going on when the preferred sport of the largest-minority ethnic group in the United States is viewed as marginal because it’s not viewed by “the wrong people.” To say people don’t follow soccer in the United States is a veiled way of saying that it’s not viewed by people that matter.

Soccer Isn’t Popular in the US Because the Wrong People Watch it (via sociolab)


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#rihanna #cdfa